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Key figures that are heard.

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It is our hearing which helps us to filter the important information fromsound waves and to react appropriately. Liquidity reporting is similar:  it serves as a check, helps us to recognize what is important, and forms the basis for further actions. And furthermore, it helps us to be heard by investors and banks.

Your finished report is just a few clicks away. Is this music to your ears?

Performance reports

Get performance reports at the touch of a button: with detailed PLAN/ACTUAL comparisons at a monthly or annual level.



If you have multiple businesses or subsidiaries, tidely allows you to consolidate your cash flows. Our consolidation feature allows you to view your liquidity  position from the perspective of your entire business rather than in isolation.

Export & direct download

Transform your key figures for internal or external stakeholders such as board members,investors or banks into a perfectly formatted Excel or PDF for direct download in just a fewclicks.

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Sharpen your financial sense – with tidely. 

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