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Tidely & lexoffice:

With the online business solution lexoffice, your bookkeeping is done almost automatically. Thanks to integrated online banking with automatic payment reconciliation, you save yourself the tedious task of comparing receipts and account statements. You can see immediately which payment belongs to which document and always have a complete overview. lexoffice automatically takes care of the correct accounting in the background and saves you a lot of time.

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for usage

To connect lexoffice to Tidely, you need a lexoffice account and a Tidely Professional, Business or Enterprise account. lexoffice, like Tidely, is a cloud-based solution; You therefore need an Internet-enabled browser and an Internet connection to use it.

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Connection -
It's that easy:

After you have logged into your Tidely account, you will find the ERP area in the side menu under the item "Settings". There you select lexoffice and then enter the API key. Now the open items are transferred from lexoffice to Tidely and synchronized.

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See for yourself

Try out liquidity planning with Tidely easily with your own data or let us explain Tidely to you in more detail in a demo appointment.

Sharpen your financial sense – with tidely. 

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