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Controlling liquidity – with all your senses.

Sharpen your sense of finance: With tidely you have an overview of your liquidity in real time, you can plan it and manage it professionally. Without manual data maintenance or sprawling Excel lists.

tidely – your financial sense

What is your company’s current liquidity position? Which deposits or payments are due? How do you ensure good financial decision making? tidely offers a digital solution for professional liquidity management, for you and your team.

With forecasting logic, categorization, and a dashboard just the way you want it.

With setup in less than 5 minutes, ease of use and direct integration of accounts and ERP.

With complete transparency and control – ensuring greater planning reliability and fewer risks.
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See everything in real time.

How liquid is your company currently? tidely gives you a clear overview of all relevant performance indicators. Thanks to simple and secure account integration, set-up takes less than 5 minutes.




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Always one step ahead.

How solvent will your company be tomorrow? What impact will your financial decisions have? tidely calculates future liquidity at the push of a button.




- Liquidity reports

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For noticeably good decisions.

How can you actively influence your liquidity? Structure your finances to allow best possible management and choose the optimal time for payments.


- Auto-categorization


-Warning system

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Key figures that are heard. 

Manual data administration is a relic of the past: tidely generates perfectly formatted overviews for you to download in just a few clicks. Ideal for presentations and advanced analysis.

- Performance reports


- Export & Download

Tackling it together

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Deep dive into our digital liquidity solution: We’ll show you how to get the most out of tidely.

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We finally have the opportunity to automatically control accounting processes, which saves us many hours of work and nerves! With Tidely it is possible to create a detailed financial plan, according to our ideas, we are very grateful for that!"


Also heightened:  our sense of security! 

All information we store is encrypted using powerful algorithms, like those used by banks.


Bank-grade encryption.

We use highly secure SSL 256-bit RSA encryption to encrypt and transmit your data.


Data hosted at 
AWS in Germany

We host your data where the largest companies are represented - in the highly secure data center of AWS.


banking interface
powered by finAPI

finAPI is a BaFin-regulated interface provider and is the partner of choice for companies such as Hypo-Vereinsbank and DATEV.

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We look forward to hearing from you too.

Whether you have questions, suggestions or simply, want to get started, send us a message. 

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