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Tidely & lexoffice:

With lexoffice, your accounting is done in the background: thanks to integrated online banking with automatic payment reconciliation, you are spared the tedious comparison of receipts and account statements. 

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To connect lexoffice, you will need a lexoffice account as well as a tidely Professional, Business or Enterprise plan. lexoffice is a cloud-based solution, requiring an internet-enabled browser and an internet connection.

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After registering with tidely, go to “Settings” within the side menu and select “Data Sources”, followed by “ERP”. Select lexoffice and enter the API key. Any open items from lexoffice will be automatically transferred and synchronized.

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Trial version

Test tidely’s liquidity management, using your own data, in our free trial version. We would be delighted to show you, in a free demo appointment, how tidely and lexoffice can best work together. 

Sharpen your financial sense – with tidely. 

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