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Tidely & Cashfox

Cashfox provides instant liquidity for freelancers, self-employed and small to medium-sized businesses.Thanks to the simple and fast factoring service, you are no longer reliant on your customers readiness to pay. This allows you to drive your business in a goal-oriented manner. Receive your money within 24 hours andoptimize your cash flow.

Maximum flexibility and savings 

Your advantages with Cashfox

The easy way to liquidity

The advantages of Cashfox

Easy onboarding in 10 minutes: after a one-time registration, your financing commitment follows in a matter ofminutes.

Maximum flexibility: 

thanks to on-demand factoring, you decide which invoice to submit – regardless of whether it is from a commercial or private customer.

Fast & reliable service:

Payouts received within 24 hours – risk-free.

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To take advantage of tidely and Cashfox, you will need one of the tidely Premium plans "Professional","Business" or "Enterprise" as well as an account with Cashfox.

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Navigate to the Invoices section and behind the fox icon, you will now find the option to switch directly toCashfox and use the factoring service.

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Trial version

Test tidely’s liquidity management, using your own data, in our free trial version. We would be delighted to show you, in a free demo appointment, how tidely and Cashfox can best work together.

Sharpen your financial sense – with tidely. 

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