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We are Tidely - your financial sense

Sight, sound, smell, taste, touch. Our senses are the most important tool for perceiving,classifying and reacting to different stimuli. We have focused on the sense that often receivestoo little attention, but should never be underestimated: the financial sense. It is perhaps themost important foundation for a solvent company. You can't succeed without it.

Our vision

Managing liquidity – intuitively, individually and insightfully. 

Limited resources, lack of time or operational demands can make long term manual liquidity management almost impossible. This was the motivation behind tidely. 

Our aim is to offer the most intuitive liquidity solution for start-ups and small to medium-sized enterprises. Allowing you to successfully manage your business and even enjoy daily use.

And of course: we are constantly sharpening our senses and exploring new and even better functions, making liquidity management as easy as possible for you, while serving insights on a silver platter.

Our team

Perceptive – and incredibly likeable. Our team consists of experienced financial experts, consultants and designers – all driven by the vision of simplifying complex things.

Nicholas Storz

Founder & Co-CEO

Mona Safarpour
Mona Safarpour

Lead Human Resources

Vijaylaxmi Sharma
Vijaylaxmi Sharma

Performance Marketing Manager

Guilherme Elizeire
Andres Jerez

software engineer

Archibald Sheran


Jan Naumann
Jan Naumann

Customer success 

Frederik Schröder
Frederic Schroeder

Senior Account Manager

Andi Bardhi greyscaled.jpg
Andi Bardhi

Front end developer

Martin Eyl
Martin Eyl


Alexander Schmöller
Alexander Schmoeller

lead engineer

Christopher Van Der Meyden
Christopher Vandermeyden

Senior Sales Consultant

Evgeniya Vdovina

Software Architect

Franz Tauber
Franz Tauber

Chief Growth Officer

Daniel Rieger
Daniel Rieger

Product Lead

Shorouk Mahrous

Technical Product Manager

Andres Jerez

software engineer

Our story

Identifying gaps in the system.

From the very outset, we were convinced that we wanted to dedicate ourselves to the incredibly important, yet often overlooked, issue for small to medium-sized companies: Liquidity.


The financial market crisis of 2008 revealed a crucial gap for many, which has only been exacerbated by the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. In mid-2020 our vision to focus on this gap and create an intuitive solution began to take shape.  


 In order to involve our future customers early and actively in the development, we wanted tostart with a free beta version. In February 2021, just seven months later, we accomplished this goal. 


Today, we boast more than 1,000 users across different industries and company sizes.


Learn more? We look forward to hearing from you.

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