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Tidely & Weclapp

Keep track of your finances with weclapp accounting software for business: with integration into tidely, open items are listed on your dashboard and synchronized with your liquidity planning. tidely allows you to set your own rules and categories, giving you the opportunity to make your management even more efficient.

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To connect weclapp, you will need a weclapp account and the tidely Professional, Business or Enterprise package. 

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After registering with tidely, go to "Settings" within the side menu, select "Data sources”, followed by "ERP".Select weclapp and then enter the API key. weclapp’s invoice data will be automatically transferred andsynchronized.

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Trial version

Test tidely’s liquidity management, using your own data, in our free trial version. We would be delighted toshow you, in a free demo appointment, how tidely and weclapp can best work together.

Sharpen your financial sense – with tidely. 

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