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Liquidity planning

Always one step ahead.

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Our sense of smell acts as a warning system. It is a fine antenna for whether something is good or bad, helping us to act with foresight. Our planning tool gives you equally fine antennae for scenarios and budget planning.

Having a sense for what might happen.
Even without a seventh sense.


Discover liquidity gaps at an early stage as well as identifying the best timing for investment: our AI-driven forecasting determines the future liquidity of your company at the push of a button. Our intelligent planning templates also help you create professional forecasts.

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Simulate the impact of specific decisions, such as hiring new colleagues: With scenarios and sensitivity analyses, you can quickly capture and compare the effect of individual measures.

Liquidity Reports        

Where are we heading and where do we want to be? Use reports to see how your liquidity is developing and adjust your planned payments based on the results.

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Sharpen your financial sense – with tidely. 

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