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Liquidity management

For noticeably better Decisions.

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Our sense of touch enables us to react appropriately. It allows active movements – and is essential for survival. Active management is an essential component in ensuring a company thrives.

We have a knack for liquidity.
So do you.  


Bring structure to your finances: categorization gives you an in-depth understanding of how and where money is being spent, allowing you to see how expenses are developing. Apply your own logic and then let tidely work for you: recurring deposits and withdrawals are automatically categorized.

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Never miss out on a discount due to late payment and find the optimal time to schedule your own payments. Active management of accounts payable and receivable will allow you to get the most out of your business.

warning system

React in good time and minimize risks: The AI-based warning system is used for early detection – even before financial difficulties arise.

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Sharpen your financial sense – with tidely. 

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